Food Trends in 2016

Food Trends in 2016

2016 will bring a lot of new trends to the food and dining industries. Here are just a few of the things those of us in the hospitality industry are keeping an eye out for this year.

  1. Delivery—from the best restaurants in the city

    certificate-course-in-food-processing1This new trend has nothing to do with ingredients, and everything to do with convenience and variety. No more will delivery be strictly purview of takeout restaurants and diners. And there’s going to be a lot of competition: Google, Amazon, Grub Hub, Yelp, and Uber are all getting in on this trend.

    Whether you’re figuring out how to get in as a delivery driver, make sure your menus make the cut for a third party delivery service, or figuring out how to ensure deliveries don’t detract from your in-house customer service, this is one trend you can’t ignore.

  2. Fast food free of bad ingredients?

    Well, not entirely. But there’s definitely a serious trend in which fast-food restaurants are racing to rid their menus of ingredients like gmo ingredients, preservatives, dough conditioners, artificial colours and sweeteners, and the like.

  3. Pasta’s off the menu

    Pasta consumption is down around the globe—even Italy is down 25%! So what’s taking its place? Plenty of things, but mostly veggies. As more people explore low carb, Paleo, and gluten free diets—let alone those who count calories—pasta just isn’t making the cut when it comes to healthy cravings. Spiralizers are transforming zucchini and other vegetables into ribbons to soak up pasta sauce, while spaghetti squash is poised to become a new staple.

  4. Poke: the new sushi

    While we’ll always love sushi, it’s simply standard fare right now, not a new trend. But poke (pronounced “poke-ay”) might be here to change that. Except poke isn’t exactly Japanese. It’s a Hawaiian dish which has certainly taken plenty of inspiration from the far East, but maintains its island heritage.  Cubed raw ahi tuna is served over rice seasoned with seaweed. The fish is first seasoned with a marinade combination of spices showing off its Asian and Hawaiian fusion roots. These marinades can contain macadamia nuts, green onion, sesame oil, avocado, ginger, chiles, or pretty much anything else a chef feels inclined to concoct.

We also expect 2016 will have many, many more exciting things in store for us.  Fried chicken has made its way into finer restaurants and ethnic cuisines, for example. Have your knife and fork ready!

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